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First interviews

We discuss your plans, wishes and plot properties / current situation.
Together we define the layout and style of the building. That will be global Program of Requirements. Topics such as the budget for the construction cost, the timetable, the steps of the design will be discussed.

1. Sketch design

Based on the Program of Requirements we make some sketches of building volumes.
The sketch shows plans of a general layout of the house / office, an impression of facade and the location of the building on the plot.
Once the sketch is approved and the PoR is established definitively, we begin the next stage - the preliminary design.

3. Final design

In this phase the emphasis is on principle detail, the materialization and colors. DO drawings together with construction calculations, daylight calculations, EPR calculations (Energy Performance Directive) are submitted as building applications drawings at the municipality. We ensure coordination between the other advisers.The application for a building permit is assessed by the municipality's Building and Housing Supervision Department.

2. Preliminary design


Your plan is developed digitally with plans, elevations and 3D impressions. Crystallizing the design further reveals the shape, spaces and the atmosphere of the building more clearly. At this stage, the review of design takes place at the Estetique Commission at the municipality.

4. Building preparation

During the period during which the application for the building permit is being processed, the design is established in the specifications. The specifications describe the materials used to build the building. Based on this specifications, the building plan is being tendered. One or more contractors make a pricing for building. With the contractor and the granted building permit you can start building your residential / office building!!

5. Realization

Aesthetic building guidance. In consultation with the client we determine moments for the building meetings. During this building meetings we will 'guard' the concept of the building for you.

The sketch design and preliminary design together for a building we offer from € 2,300, - excluding VAT

For the renovation of a house / office is the price negotiated and depends on the complexity and the size of the assignment.

All project phases we always offer separately. You are never required to take all the services with us!

´I don´t think that Architecture is only about shelter, is only about a very simple enclosure, it should be able to excite you, to calm you, to make you think.´ - Zaha Hadid

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